Cheetah 3D: joints - the foundations

We will create an arm, composed of two bones :
Step 1: create the arm. This is a cylinder

WARNING! Be sure to set "Sections height" to 20.
Step 2: create the bones

Click on "joint tool".

Set the appearance of the bones : red diamonds.

Create the bones.

The coordinate system of a joint is relative to the parent joint.

For example : if the position of the shoulder is (0, 3, 0). Then the position of the elbow, relatively to the shoulder, is (0, -3, 0) - and not (0, 0, 0).
Step 3: bind the skeleton to the arm

Add a "skeleton tag" to the arm.


Drag and drop the 3 joints to the "skeleton grid". You just need to drag and drop the "shoulder joint".

WARNING! Now you must bind the skeleton to the arm. To do that, click "OK" for "Bind mesh". Once the skeleton bonded to the arm, you can see the following image :

Now you can bend the elbow